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Mumsa High School Mityana is headed by Owek. Kawuki Joseph.

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MUMSA High School Mityana started a partnership with the Starugunt Community in the federal republic of Germany. This partnership has been so beneficial to the school since it began.We have workedin partnership to put the main laboratory which we decided to name after Brigittee Lassman.Read More


MUMSA is characterized by a quiet green environment which provides conducive room for concentration of our students, hence the constant students’ excellence year after year at all levels.
We focus on building the future citizen wholly in all disciplines hence ‘For the better future!’ We have a population of about 800 students but we can accomodate quite a bigger number.

NKobazambogo Students' Association

On the cultural perspective;The Baganda Nkobazambogo students' Association is so vibrant and participates in a number of Cultural events both at school and Kingdom level.We participate in Kingdom fundraising events including the annual donation fund.For the years 2004 to 2012 we emergedRead More

The Religious Clubs

These include:
The St.Jude Mumsa Catholic Community
The Mumsa Anglican Community
The Mumsa Moslem Community The Scripture Union for born again christians
Seventh Adventist Students Association

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  • Mumsa High School Mityana is 150M from the main road and 11 Km from Mityana Town.

  • P.O Box No : 262 Mityana
  • +256 (0) 772 685 275
    +256 (0) 782 444112
    +256 (0) 753 065 599

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